Typické scénáře  SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1

Change management in SAP with SOLUTION MANAGER support

Change management in SAP space is as difficult as construction skyscraper. It contains too much unfinished parts and too much suppliers. The requirements are often unclear or inaccurately defined. The Change manager is not in simple situation. Dozens transports will hurtle to productive system with larger or minor modifications. A lot of experiences and responsibility is important to problems do not create. Each want to know the answer to questions: How do the system easier? How get everything to control? How restrict a requirement to development and maintain operational security at the same time?

The scenario Change Management is possible to use in SOLMAN. In parallel development and release management we want to use solution which do the greatest benefit and reduction problems. SOLMAN is using for support of small and big changes as normal, urgent, operational or project changes. SOLMAN is using for control of transports support. Here is using Business Process Change Analyser and Quality Gates Management.

The new Change Management model will be different than actual setting and practiced process. Emphasis will be highlighted on:

Administration of requirements on different changes – unification (in SAP). Their approval procedures in unified space

  • Integration with central Servicedesk for linkage requirement – change development
  • Setting the INCIDENT MANAGER in SOLMAN (including integration with Servicedesk) – for solutions operating errors


Minimizing risks in relation to using change

  • For release management – suggestion of rules, suggestion of methodology modifications
  • Role definition in change process (from actual organization of roles)
  • Optimal topology landscape SAP proposal
  • Setting of transport routes with necessary management tools and check changes in new landscape


Minimize collisions of parallel and competing changes

  • Design and implementation of additional methods of coordination and securing / protecting / reservation


Efficient and transparent administration changes

  • Ensure clear link > solution – approval – objects change – test result – transport changes
  • Prepare reporting


Technical specifications realization for release management

  • Specific definition of conditions for milestones closing in changes life cycle and adequate configuration
  • SAP space configuration in case of exceptions (urgent changes, critical phases of project delays
  • Definition of system privileges (roles)



  • We have specific experience from completed projects
  • We have good practice “from start to end”
  • We will go through all process with you